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Download the free study guide and infographic for beowulf here. Composed toward the end of the first millennium of our era, beowulf is the elegiac narrative of the adventures of beowulf, a scandinavian hero who saves the danes from the seemingly invincible monster grendel and, later, from grendels mother. His manuscript brought the epic poem out of the dust and made it a work of art. A new verse translation also known as heaneywulf is a verse translation of. At this time, beowulf, nephew of the geatish king hygelac, is the greatest hero in the world.

Course heros video study guide provides an indepth plot summary of the epic poem beowulf. Seamus heaneys 1999 translation of the poem referred to by howell chickering and many others as heaneywulf was both praised and criticized. Others think it extolsor perhaps condemnsheroic values. Heaney gives these epic qualities new and convincing reality for the contemporary reader. See a complete list of the characters in beowulf and indepth analyses of beowulf, grendel, hrothgar, unferth, wiglaf, grendels mother, and the dragon. Beowulf is an old english epic poem written anonymously around 975 ad. The poem is about encountering the monstrous, defeating it, and then having to live.

Hrothgar once sheltered beowulfs father during a deadly feud, and the mighty geat hopes to return the favor while enhancing his own reputation and gaining treasure for his king, hygelac. The main character, beowulf, proves himself a hero as he battles against supernatural demons and beasts. Straus, and giroux and won that years whitbread book of the year award. The slaughtered aescheres head sits on a cliff by the lake, which hides the ogres underground cave. Seamus heaney, the irish nobel laureate, won the whitbread book of the year award for the second time last night, when his ancient warrior beowulf slew the upstart young wizard harry potter.

Try one of the apps below to open or edit this item. Beowulf by heaney, first edition abebooks passion for books. Cliffsnotes free study guides are written by teachers and professors for students as a supplement to their reading. Not being able to read old english, all i can say here is that heaneys translation gave me a better understanding of why people rave about the poem than any of. The poem continues to enjoy popularity, thanks to a bestselling translation by seamus heaney and a translation by j. Auden, geoffrey hill, ted hughes, and seamus heaney, the. Beowulf enters into the story after the action has started. If your master, the son of halfdane, will meet with me, i will tell him our mission. The heroic poem beowulf is the highest achievement of old english literature. Beowulf is considered to be the longest and greatest surviving anglosaxon poem.

Beowulf is now widely taught and is often presented as the first important work of english literature. He lives in geatland, a realm not far from denmark, in what is now southern sweden. Beowulf is an old english epic poem consisting of 3,182 alliterative lines. The poem is about encountering the monstrous, defeating it, and then having to live on in the exhausted aftermath. King hrothgar of denmark has a very prosperous kingdom. Beowulf slays the wizard costa book awards the guardian.

Lesslie hall illustrated and millions of other books are available for. Some of the characters are based on members of danish and swedish royalty. Having trouble understanding shakespeare or 1984, come to cliffsnotes literature study guides for help. Cliffsnotes on beowulf takes you into the epic story of warriors and strange beasts. Beowulf by seamus heaney and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. Ted hughes, and seamus heaney, the 1995 recipient of the nobel prize in literature. When beowulf hears tales of the destruction wrought by grendel, he decides to travel to the land of the danes and help hrothgar defeat the demon. Some of our popular litnotes include into the wild, catching fire, macbeth, fahrenheit 451 and over 300 more titles.

Beowulf channels the book of genesis, the book of exodus, and the book of. Beowulf is 3182 lines, each line with four accents, divided into two parts. Beowulf, a young warrior in geatland southwestern sweden, comes to the scyldings aid, bringing with him 14 of his finest men. Carrying a sword called hrunting, a gift from the chastised unferth, beowulf dives into the mere to. Though it is a traditional storypart of a germanic oral traditionthe poem as we. Read an overview of the entire poem or a line by line summary and analysis.

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