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Use a small paint brush and apply the flux paste on the aluminum surface. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Unfortunately, gas welding isnt taught as regularly as it used to be. See all 26 photos to set the flame, open the acetylene valve on. Oxyacetylene welding 101 is part one of ron covells four part welding series, which will give an overview of the most popular cutting and welding processes. Workshop tips from a master on fusing lightweight aircraft metals with gas and hydrogen. Aluminum welding brazing and soldering tips and techniques using a hand held torch and muggy weld duration. Oxy acetylene torches can be used for a variety of processes, and is one of the many processes that can be used to weld aluminum. Find everything you need for oxy fuel welding and cutting on. This video will show you how to mix your aluminum welding flux so when using your oxygen and acetylene torch the flux will not be too then and not give good coverage of the welded area. Comes with hoses, welding and cutting torches, goggles, tip cleaners and striker packed in a heavy duty molded storage case. In order to provide space for up to 12 academy students in each class period, brockman has requested to purchase a oxyacetylene welding table, regulators and fittings for the oaw table, eight miller welders that can be set up to do shielded metal arc welding, gas metal arc welding and dc tungsten inert gas welding t. Aluminum welding brazing and soldering tips and techniques using a hand held torch and muggy weld. Then take small glass vial and put there a small amount of the flux, about a grain of black pepper size.

Oxyacetylene welding, commonly referred to as gas welding, is a process which relies on combustion of oxygen and acetylene. An excellent video for the beginner wanting to learn the fundamentals of welding. In this video youll learn why we gas weld aluminum. Apr 01, 2005 oxy acetylene welding and cutting electric, forge and thermit welding together with related methods and materials used in metal working and the oxygen process for removal of carbon language. Mar 29, 2017 heres me welding some pipe up there was a little dirt in the first part so it didnt look that great camera white balance made it impossible to see the flame unfortunately. This oxyacetylene welding tip features a copper spiral mixer designed for a uniform, freeflowing flame. Copper spiral mixer designed for uniform, freeflowing flame.

The oxyacetylene process produces a high temperature flame, over 3000 degrees c, by the combustion of pure oxygen and acetylene. Gas welding torch, hoses, gas regulators and flame traps are described. How to master gas welding aluminum redback aviation. Oxyfuel oxyacetylene welding a guide to gas welding twi.

Acetylene is the primary fuel for oxy fuel welding and is the fuel of choice for repair work and general cutting and welding, acetylene produces the hottest and most concentrated primary flame of all industrial fuel gases. For light welding like this, 5 psi is a good starting place for both oxygen and acetylene. However, unlike these, oxy acetylene, or arc welding, is much more widely used since. First clean the aluminum surface with sandpaper to make sure no other stuff is present. More videos will be uploaded showing various welding processes, positions, and materials. Welding tips and tricks view topic oxyacetylene welding. Homepage welding theory oxy acetylene welding ofw fundamentals pressure settings chart set up and kit by welding321 posted on march 11, 2019 april 30, 2020 oxy acetylene welding is a welding process manually, in which the surfaces to be joined, which is warming to melt by a gas flame oxyacetylene with or without filler metal, where the.

Differences between oxygen and acetylene cylinders are listed. The flux works ok, but the operating window is tight. In addition, oxy fuel cutting is still widely used, both in heavy industry and light industrial and repair operations. The linde oxy acetylene handbook has a good chapter on gas welding aluminum available at amazon. This complete oxy acetylene welding kit is designed to handle a broad range of cutting, welding, and heating applications. Hobart institute of welding technology 400 trade square e. I have a question about a little project i want to do. The oxy acetylene and other oxy fuel gas mixtures welding torch remains a mainstay heat source for manual brazing and braze welding, as well as metal forming, preparation, and localized heat treating. Paul woodson displays various metals conducive to welding, operates dials of gas and oxygen tanks, and demonstrates welding techniques.

Aluminum oxyacetylene welding flux gas welding equipment. There are three main techniques used in oxyfuel welding. Oxy acetylene welding is not only an excellent method of joining thinner gauge metals, its also the best first step to understanding the fundamentals of welding that makes more modern processes like stick, tig, mig and flux core easier to learn. See how a simple oxy acetylene torch weld handles shaping abuse do this to a tig weld and youll probably have a pile of metal scraps. Oxygen and acetylene welding kit harbor freight tools. Woodson demonstrates brazing, use of flux, boss welding, and cutting operations. Each system requires the use of regulators, hoses, torch handles and tips, but. Jan 26, 2010 oxy acetylene welding demonstration how to weld. I used to be pretty good at it back in high school welding class, 20 years ago. Im brand new to welding and have an oxy acetylene setup. This welding tip is an ideal replacement tip for the heavy duty welding kit. When mixed together in correct proportions within a handheld torch or blowpipe, a relatively hot flame is produced with a temperature of about 3,200 deg. Two of these techniques are used to weld flat joints and one is used for allposition welding.

Introduction to oxy acetylene fusion welding in mild steel. A comprehensive treatise on the practice of welding cast iron, malleable iron, steel, copper, brass, bronze, and aluminum by the oxy acetylene methods, together with concise information on the equipment required for both welding and cutting by this process volume 12 of machinerys mechanical library. As i recall, popping loud pop that puts out the torch happens if you dip the cone into the molten puddle or get too near it. Portable, medium and heavy duty oxyfuel welding outfits. Oxy acetylene welding aluminum irrigation pipe youtube. All rights to this video belong to northern alberta institute of technology. Oxy acetylene torches can be used for a variety of processes, and is one of the many things that can be used to weld aluminum. Heres an oxy acetylene welding kit that handles a broad range of cutting, welding, and heating applications. Vocational school hamilton, oh hvacr advisory board. Other welding techniques that are effective for aluminum include tig tungsten inert gas welding and mig metal inert gas welding.

Other processes that can be used to weld aluminum include tig tungsten inert gas welding, and mig metal inert gas welding. The oxy acetylene handbook is a basic handbook or manual on oxy acetylene welding and cutting and their related processes. Tin man kent white gives a good demo on welding aluminum, including filling holes. I was browsing youtube and stumbled across this video. Jan 25, 2017 oxy acetylene welding is a very common welding process that dates back to 1890s, wherein oxygen and acetylene are used as the two major welding gases. Lightweight vs heavy duty gas welding guns the welders warehouse ltd. Solid brass torch handle, cutting attachment and regulators. Learn the tricks to gas welding aluminum sheet metal with mike from cobra torches. Turn up the brazing heat the harris products group. Weld and cut in one kit with this torch from eastwood thats made in the usa.

The subreddit for welders, machinists and all other enthusiasts of joining two things together. Oxy acetylene welding ofw fundamentals pressure settings. Facebook logo instagram logo linkedin logo twitter logo youtube logo blog, perfect welding imprint terms and conditions data privacy statement. In these torches, acetylene gas traveling through the tip expansion chamber creates a.

Typical gas pressures and flow rates for work on cmn steels are given. Tests diffuseurs a tamis tig testing tig gtaw gas lens soudeurs 2. Aluminum when brazing copper, phosphoruscoppersilver rods melt at a. Mig welding aluminum with a hobart ironman 230 welder. Step by step instructions, free brochures for download and ideas.

Find, download, and install ios apps safely from the app store. The process of brazing refers to the use of gas generated heat 800 degrees f. Dec 04, 2016 nait video describing how to safely weld with an oxy acetylene torch, flux and filler metal. I think it could greatly reduce the learning curve for some of the diysers here on the forum. Oxyacetylene welding, cutting and brazing hobart institute. Lightweight vs heavy duty gas welding guns youtube. Saved from m tig welding aluminum fabrication making a small fuel cell gas tank. Comes with hoses, welding and cutting torches, goggles, tip cleaners and striker.

Make a nice finishing job is it stays nice and smooth steel too. Instructional dvd introduces the fundamentals of oxy acetylene welding, including closeup welding demonstrations as seen through the welders helmet. Oxy acetylene is quite common in automotive repair shops, as well as plumbing applications, fabricating, and even artisan welding. Nov 16, 2016 i watched a welding instructor gas weld aluminum once i dont remember all the details, only that he was fluxing the bejeezus out of his rod, adjusting his flame, and having to backtrack to fix blown out spots. This is the best video footage of proper welding techniques i have ever seen. A friend of mine has a small steel trailer he bought from harbor freight. Tig welding aluminum fabrication making a small fuel cell gas tank.

Covers equipment setup, weld beads and joints, torch adjustment and more. Jul 18, 2012 how to weld aluminum with an oxy acetylene torch. How to gas weld aluminum sheet metal with a cobra torch from. This is a video clip from rons dvd called how to gas weld aluminum. Hes building a teardrop trailer hes just building the part you sleep in, out of wood and fiberglass which will go on top of the steel trailer frame. Oxy fuel cutting can be very intimidating to students and inexperienced welders. This video will give you an indepth lesson on how to setup and break down your rig. The same type of oxyfuel welding apparatus is used in all cases, but the torch welding tip size could be changed depending on the amount of btu heat output. Also, the following link is apparently some military version of that book and is available free on line. While aluminum has a melting point less than half that of steel, its conductivity is over three times as great, so we use a tip about the same size for this metal as we do for steel, and because of this conductivity, we should realize that the effects of expansion and contraction must be particularly guarded against, since there is a large area which is.

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